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Zodiac Sign of Pisces the Fish

Let it not repent you (O noble Esquire) if now I make a short digression of such persons as then professed astrology, that posterity may understand in what condition I found it, and in whose hands that little that remained was lodged.

William Lilly

Astrology Chart

Pisces the Fish

20 February to 20 March

Zodiac Sign Pisces the Fish


Astrological symbol or glyph for the sun The Sun is in Cancer Astrology symbol for Cancer, one of the Zodiac Signs

The Moon is: Waxing Crescent

Terrified by the giant Typhon, Venus and Cupid hurled themselves into the Euphrates and became fishes. Minerva commemorated the event by placing the fishes in the heavens.

The Babylonians knew the constellation as KUN, or the Tails; it was also knows as the Leach - upon which were tied the two fish-goddesses Anunitum and Simmah.

Pisces Character

Ruled by new age Neptune and fortunate Jupiter and with a feminine (receptive) nature, Pisces is reactive in its energy. A Mutable (changeable and communicative) sign, dreamy Pisces is the exaltation of Venus, the goddess of love and artistic sensibility.

It is a Water (emotional and compassionate) sign and you, the Piscean, are creative, sensitive and deeper than you appear on the surface, although you can be emotionally vulnerable, clinging and rather melancholic.

Pisces is a sensitive sign and you are very responsive to the thoughts and feelings of others. You unconsciously absorb the ideas and mental outlook of those around you. You so desperately want to do the right thing, but as a rule, you don't have strong willpower. Therefore, you are too easily influenced by external factors. You have to learn how to stand alone and face the unknown with a simple faith.

You may have trouble making up your mind and you always seem to have a tired feeling, which prompts you to withdraw from intense effort and avoid sports.

The Fish is never confrontational. Your dislike of struggle often makes you indecisive in thinking and acting and you will usually prefer to suffer injury rather than to fight for your rights. When your supply of patience is exhausted, however, you can become so provoked that it is impossible to calm you down! You can be stubborn and allow no one to reason with you.

Your charm, humanity and sympathy open the gates of opportunity for you but your kindly, moderate natures make it quite easy for you to get into the habit of allowing things to drift, which can be extremely annoying to others who are more practical.

However, Pisceans do have the faith necessary to maintain vitality and a sense of personal significance and, given the duality of this sign, you can also be efficient and exact but your temperament varies from being strongly optimistic to being extremely pessimistic.

Generally, you aren't ambitious for material or monetary acquisitions. However, in early life your aims appear to be materialistic, since you know instinctively that if the search for your self-identity is to be successful, physical wants shouldn't be a source of worry.

Pisceans have to learn to be more careful with other people's possessions, as well as their own!

Your awareness of the subtle undercurrents of human interactions can give you an air of aloofness. You are compelled to maintain your individuality and must follow that still small voice within. If others try to force your spirit into a harness that cramps your style, you are very unhappy. You like to be enveloped in a dream world where you can forget yourself but, if this tendency can be developed, controlled and directed, the result is an admirable dramatic ability.

Sensitive to the whole of human suffering, you sincerely want to initiate healing and relief. Many of you choose to work to lighten the load for others and may devote your strength and time, with no thought for personal reward, to the sick and desolate. You are unselfish, loveable, devoted and eager to sacrifice yourself for those who surround you. You consciousness craves to reach out and become a part of all life, and with your emotions offer compassion and tenderness to others.

Blind to all the defects of those you love and trust and with an air of fatalism; you must realise that you are not chained to any destiny, except that which you make for yourself, and need to face yourself realistically in order to bring out that which you can become.

Pisces Emotion

Pisceans tend to exist emotionally rather than rationally, instinctively rather than intellectually.
You are never egotistical in your personal relationships and give more than you ask for.

Sexually delicate and, in the extreme, asexual.

Most Pisceans want a relationship in which your partner's mind and spirit rather than the body resonate with your own. Unfortunately, a lover who courts you delicately and in marriage makes you unhappy can easily mislead you by a coarser sexuality than you expected.

You are, nevertheless, intensely loyal and home-loving and will remain faithful - though your dreamy and impractical nature does not fit you to keep a tidy and well-run house!

Pisces Mind

The Piscean is too otherworldly for the practical purposes of living in this world.
Your willpower, ambition (for you long to be recognised as greatly creative) and reasoning are all limited.

Although anxious to fulfil yourself, your concentration is weak and you lack decisiveness and are easily diverted from your purposes. Pisceans dislike discipline and confinement within routine and behaviour.

Pisceans tend to withdraw into a dream world where your qualities can bring mental satisfaction.

You are, however, versatile and intuitive, have quick understanding, observe and listen well, and are receptive to new ideas and atmospheres.

These factors can combine to produce remarkably creative creatures in literature, music and art.

Amongst your gifts are mediumistic qualities

Pisces Body & Health

The typical Piscean tends to have a pale complexion and has a propensity to gain weight and retain water. The eyes are large and round, lips moist, wide and protruding, with a small nose and full cheeks. The hair is usually abundant.

Pisces governs the feet, liver and lymphatics and you can be threatened by anaemia, boils, swellings, ulcers and skin diseases, especially inflammation of the eyelids, gout, foot disorders and lameness.

Your emotional nature can also make you vulnerable to psychosomatic illness.

Pisces rules the feet. The Piscean tends to be repressed but will often find freedom through drink and drugs removing their inhibitions. Like most things, in excess lies danger and Pisceans should watch out for this happening to them.

The feet are where we make contact with the Earth and, as such, join us from the world of spirit to that of matter and back again. The feet contain meridians and nerves that link to the rest of the body. A foot massage will relieve the tension in the neck and back. Indeed there are points on the feet that relate to most parts of the body.

Pisces in not a sign noted for orientation towards the mind and Pisceans tend to be stable mentally, not suffering from illness in this area unless there are particularly ill-favoured aspects manifested in the natal chart.

Pisces Career & Jobs

Pisceans produce the artist, poet, musician or sculptor. Many excellent and creative dancers are born under this sign. Music appears to be a natural law for Pisceans, for this sign has also produced prominent and superb singers.
In employment you are better working either by yourself or in a subordinate position.

You should not embark on a career in which noise or discipline plays too great a part.

Career suggestions include:

Librarian, astronomer, actor, dancer, writer, poet, illusionist, photographer, hypnotist, medium, priest, nurse.


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